$300  sleep


The ACC show in Baltimore proved to be THE most interesting show we have ever done. From the two blizzards, sick children, the rude parking garage assistant, and the $300 night of sleep, it was interesting to say the least.  On a good note, we {overall} had a great time at the show.  We met some of the sweetest people and saw some of the most amazing things we have ever seen.

Let's just say we are now prepared for anything that can be thrown our way.  BRING IT!


Rain = apocalypse 


As I sit here listening to the rainy mix hit against my windows, alI I want to do is pray;

Dear God,

Please! Please! Please! Don't let school get cancelled. It's only a little bit of rain, and I have way too much to do. I have no time to be making endless amounts of snacks, making sure things are not too cheesy, or  answering questions about what, how, and why .

If we can hold off until four, I would GREATLY appreciate it!

Your Dearest,


-I think I sprained my brain-


It has been nonstop ever since june. And my poor brain has had it's work cut out for him!

I was hoping after the 3.. yes 3 pop ups we had going on in december were over, that we would have just a glimmer of a break . But! Between spring 2015 production and getting ready for the trade show in Baltimore this upcoming February that just isn't going to happen.

So hang in there little Brain .. WE CAN DO IT!!