Upcoming Events

Since all my shows were canceled this spring, my access to all my favorite peeps has been seriously impeded!  So I have taken a very quick "class" in photoshop a la youtube and got my website shit together!  I have updated every new design and then some.  I am missing my ladies right now.  I have so many beautiful designs that I know you will love.  Just email me if you have any questions about size.

Me, I have been trying to keep it real.  I must say I have been in a bit of a zombie state.  It is hard to process all that is going on right now.  

My head is a little clearer.  Although so much time in front of a computer makes me a little groggy!  I am doing things to try to keep me sane.  And I am also learning how to navigate all my tech stuff.  I mean I could do it, but really didn't like to.  It's not my comfort zone.  Being hands on with people or fabric is my comfort zone.  I guess this upcoming events page is going to be kind of a blog.  I haven't been to good about keeping up with it, but there is time so why not.

So on top of photoshopping all my new pics, today I made jam.  Let me tell you, I had no idea how easy it was. I had some overripe raspberries.  All I did was smash em, sweeten them with agave syrup, and cook them for 20 minutes.  That easy.  I don't think I will ever buy jam again! Who knew!